Frequently Asked Questions

Of the several hotels in Narragansett RI, Lighthouse Inn of Galilee is certainly a comfortable, cozy one. Have a question about your upcoming stay? You may just find the answer here.

About our facility

What do I need to know about parking at Lighthouse Inn of Galilee?
On-site self-parking* is available at no charge for Inn guests.
*Seagulls are an important part of our local ecosystem and as such we regret, on behalf of our seagulls, any mess they may make on your vehicle. It’s part of being one of the hotels in Narragansett RI. For your convenience, self-service car washing is available for guest cars prior to departure. That includes plenty of hoses and buckets filled with soapy water.
Does Lighthouse Inn of Galilee offer connecting guest rooms?
Unfortunately, the Inn does not offer connecting guest rooms..
Are cribs available?
Yes. At no charge.
Is there a charge for an ‘extra’ adult to stay in a Lighthouse Inn of Galilee guest room?
There is no charge for extra guests.
Are rollaway beds available?
Cots are available at $15 per night.
Does Lighthouse Inn of Galilee have designated non-smoking guest rooms?
Yes. In fact, not only are all accommodations non-smoking, the entire inn is a 100% non-smoking facility.
How best can I store my valuables?
Lighthouse Inn of Galilee does not provide a secured area for your valuables. Guests are responsible for their own belongings.
Is there shopping at Lighthouse Inn of Galilee?
Not on premise, however guests will enjoy browsing and shopping in the plentiful separate and distinct areas throughout the Narragansett vicinity. For diverse memorabilia, products and merchandise.
What can I do during my stay at Lighthouse Inn of Galilee?
Oh my! So much. Discover some or many of the following:

    • Walk to the beach for a relaxing day in the sun.
    • Cruise to Block Island to experience “One of the Last Great Places.” Spend a day on Block Island’s beautiful sandy beaches, in the area boutiques or on mopeds touring the Island.
    • Fish all day and night.
    • Walk to the Point Judith salt pond. Once there, clam, kayak or explore.
    • Walk to the nearby Galilee pubs for great live music and drinks.
    • Visit the Point Judith and Cronin’s beach and fishing area – a delightful 2.7 mile bike ride away.
    • Sample the RI clam cakes and chowder at all the area eateries.
    • Souvenir shop along the waterfront. Indulge in some yummy ice cream, taffy or fudge.
    • Savor the beauty our famous sunsets.
    • Whale watch.  Boats leave from Point Judith/Galilee daily.
    • Walk along the docks and view the daily catches being unloaded from the charter or fishing boats.
    • Wet a line from the dock, the beach or on a charter fishing boat.
    • Bird watch in the 130-acre Galilee Bird Sanctuary or salt pond.
    • Launch your boat from the Great Island Bridge boat ramp – just up the street.
    • Save time to jump in the inn’s pool.

In fact, check out even more options here.

What about my pets? Are they welcome?
Lighthouse Inn of Galilee is prepared to welcome only human guests. Fact is there is so much for people to do in our area, your pet(s) will more likely enjoy a peaceful stay at home with family and friends.

About our services

Does Lighthouse Inn of Galilee have a Family Plan?
Yes. Children 17 years and younger stay free in guest room of accompanying parent or guardian.

About our policies

What is Lighthouse Inn of Galilee’s Cancellation/No Show policy?
Guests may cancel without penalty up to 7 days prior to arrival. Cancellations within 7 days will result in a one night’s room and tax charge placed on credit card.
What are check-in and checkout times?
Check-in time is 4 PM
Check-out time is 11 AM
Does Lighthouse Inn of Galilee have a Guarantee/Deposit policy?
Yes. 50% of estimated bill is due at time of booking. The balance is due on arrival. Checks accepted for deposits only must clear prior to arrival.
Is there a minimum age to rent a room?
Yes. Any guest renting a room at Lighthouse Inn of Galilee must be at least 21 years of age.

About methods of payment

What are the accepted credit cards at Lighthouse Inn of Galilee?
The following credit cards are accepted

  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Diners Club
  • Discover

Cash or Traveler’s Checks in U.S. currency are also accepted.

What do I need to know about taxes?
Sales tax is 7% percent and Lodging tax is 6% per room per night not included in the room rate.